Shipping is calculated based on the total cost of your order.
Prices for the Continental U.S. are as follows:
For most items-
Cost of order
Standard Shipping
Second Day Shipping
Overnight Shipping
up to $9.99
$250 and up
 For strings-
Cost of strings
Standard Shipping
Second Day Shipping
up to $34.99
over $35.00
The shipping and handling cost of complete instruments or instrument outfits is an additional $7.00 per instrument.
Please note that Basses, Cellos, Tubas and other oversized items have higher shipping costs. These prices are subject to change based on the size, destination, and shipping method of the order in question. If the shipping on an order will be higher than the prices specified here, you will be notified by email BEFORE you are charged. Simply respond to the email to confirm the quoted price. Orders outside of the continental United States will also receive an email confirming shipping charges.  To determine the price of shipping before you order, call or email.
UPS is our primary shipping company.  Especially small items may be sent via U.S. Mail; while excessively large items will be sent by U.P.S. Freight, or another truck company.