General Music Education

Elevate your school's general music program with our comprehensive range of instruments and accessories tailored for K-2 education.

We offer a variety of instruments and teaching materials that are specially designed to suit young learners including Orff instruments, keyboards, recorders, kids percussion, ukuleles, and more. 





Shop Glockenspiels

Make any recital, concert, or orchestral setting better with the incredibly versatile Orff glockenspiels. Used in almost every genre of music from hip-hop and jazz to rock n’ roll and classical, this instrument produces slightly higher pitches than the xylophone that work well into all sorts of songs. 




Shop Xylophones

Xylophones are treasured for the beautiful music they produce, as well as the ease with which one can play them. Teachers, therapists and parents have been turning to Orff xylophones for years, due to the ability to effortlessly add and remove notes, as well the minimal muscle and dexterity required to create sweet melodies.



Shop Metallophones

Metallophones are a classic instrument for beginners and pros alike. These instruments, which look very similar to xylophones and glockenspiels, encompass a wider variety of sounds and styles. The wooden resonator boxes of many of these instruments have been expertly designed for optimal sound.



Tailored Music Services




Quality Pianos

Well-tuned pianos and keyboards designed for the young learner's hands, perfect for sparking interest in melody and harmony.






Orff Instruments

A complete set of Orff instruments including glockenspiels, xylophones, and metallophones to build a fundamental understanding of music.






Music Accessories

From rhythm sticks to recorders, we supply all the necessary accessories to complement any general music curriculum.






Audio Equipment

High-quality audio equipment to ensure every note is heard clearly, aiding in students' musical accuracy and appreciation.






Curriculum Support

Expertly crafted educational resources and curriculum support to help teachers plan and conduct impactful music lessons.






Teacher Training

Professional development workshops for music educators, equipping them with innovative teaching techniques and methodologies.