Professional Audio System Design and Installation for Bands, Ensembles, Schools, Churches, and Venues.




Elevate Your Sound

At The Music Shop Pro Audio Center, we combine cutting-edge audio technology with personalized customer care. Our specialists serve educational institutions, religious organizations, and live performance venues with the dedication you can trust.

Whether you require custom installations, specialized equipment training, or a full audio system design, we stand ready to guide you every step of the way. Embrace a symphony of service excellence and technological mastery with us.

  • Custom Audio Installation
  • Project Quotes Tailored to Your Needs
  • Comprehensive Equipment Testing
  • Free Consultation for Your Unique Setup



Expert Installations

Precision-crafted audio systems for every venue.



Church Audio Systems

Cultivating uplifting atmospheres for worship spaces.



Training Sessions

Empowering your team with professional equipment handling.


Live Performances

Delivering dynamic audio experiences for audiences.


Tailored Solutions

Personalized quotes to match your specific audio needs.



Comprehensive Consultation

Free expert advice to begin your audio journey.        




Customer Testimonial - Mike L.

"The experience I had using The Music Shop to set up the audio system in my school gym was Incredible.  They took the time to come out, see what we were using, and how it worked for us.  They then went back and developed a system that far exceeded my expectations while keeping within my tight budget.  The installation procedure was done in a professional and timely manner.  They turned the system to work properly in our space.  They took the time to go over all of the bells and whistles of the system.  I have had the systems in place for more than three years now, and it works wonderfully, if I have any questions I just pick up the phone and call them, and my questions are always answered.  Thank you to the staff at the Music Shop for all of your hard work!"


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