Rebel Without A Pause - Solo Marching Snare Drum

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Rebel Without A Pause, by Danny Raymond, is a solo for marching snare that lives up to its name. Complete with back-sticking, fakes, stick twirls and tosses, this piece will keep the performer plenty busy. At 138 bpm, Rebel maintains a 1970’s American rudimental march feel throughout, but don’t get too comfythose tap-rolls and 16-note triplets won’t play themselves! This piece comes as a bound folio containing the sheet music, performance notes, a notation key, and even warm-up exercises specific to the piece! This solo was extracted from Danny’s 9-solo compilation DVD Let It Rip. The DVD contains not only printable PDFs of the sheet music and performance videos of each, but also tips & tricks, warm-up exercises, interviews, and more. For more info, click here.

Publisher: Tapspace Publications
Sku: TSPCS-43
Composer:   Danny Raymond

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