Orchestra Expressions Violin Book 2

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Orchestra Expressions provides music educators at all levels with easy-to-use, exciting tools to meet daily classroom challenges and bring new vibrancy and depth to teaching music. The lessons were written based on the National Standards for the Arts in Music -- not retro-fitted to the Standards. The program is music literacy-based and satisfies reading and writing mandates in orchestra class. The pedagogy involves a "four-fingers-down" start for every instrument and separate but simultaneous development of both hands. Each student book features an attractive full-color interior with easy-to-read notes and includes: -A 59-track accompaniment CD that covers Units 1-15 (a second CD covering Units 16-33 is available separately, individually as item 00-EMCO2006CD or in a 25-pack as item 00-EMCO2007CD) -Historical notes on some of the most notable composers of orchestral music -A thorough glossary of musical terms -Scales and warm-up exercises Future reprints may be printed with black and white interiors. This title is available in SmartMusic.

Table of Contents:

Publisher: Alfred
Pages: 56