Kustom Sienna 30W PRO Instrument Amplifier

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The Sienna 30 is a 30-watt combo amplifier with a 10-inch speaker that is made especially to reproduce and enhance the natural sound of your guitar or other acoustic instrument. The approach is more "hi-fi" in nature. With the power of one instrument input plus one microphone inputs add flexibility for interfacing with the amp. You'll also find analog Reverb and Chorus effects to enhance your sound. EQ controls include a Feedback filter which is very handy for live gigs. Back panel connections are: (1) Speaker Out which disconnects the internal speaker to allow use of an external speaker; (2) 1/4-inch Line Out; (3) Effects Loop Send and Return jacks; (4) a Footswitch jack to turn the Chorus or Reverb effects on or off. The Sienna 30 Pro lets you fine-tune your sound and then amplify it in a way that brings out its best qualities.

Manufacturer: Kustom