Powell Sonare Sonare Silver Professional Flute W/ B Foot & Off-Set G

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  • Pitch: A-442
  • Tubing Material: Sterling Silver (Body and Headjoint)
  • Tubing Thickness: .016"
  • Tone hole Type: Drawn only
  • Footjoint: B Foot
  • Gizmo: Standard
  • Scale: Modern Powell Scale
  • Mechanism Type: Traditional Pinned Mechanism with Adjustment Screws
  • Keywork Material: Nickel Silver, Silver-plated
  • G keys: Off-set
  • Cups: French Cups Only
  • Arms: Y-Arms
  • Springs: Elgiloy
  • Pad Type: Traditional Felt

The Powell Sonaré 601 Model is the first model in the Sonaré range to feature a Sterling Silver body tube. Paired with our hand-cut Sterling Silver Signature II Headjoint, this instrument has a deep and ringing tone for an affordable price.

Model: PS61BOF
Manufacturer:   Powell Sonare